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The Devil’s In The Details: 50 Things About Me

February 24, 2010

You’re not a blogger until you’ve written at least one version of this list it seems – here’s the x-rated version of mine:

1. My mind is perpetually in the gutter – I’m a girl with a one track mind.

2. On that note, one of my favorite activities when on a plane or public transportation of any kind is to assess the potential fuckability of my fellow passengers.

3. However, I rarely follow up on this – I’m more of a third date girl.

4. I’ve been with more than twice as many women as men.

5. That said, I’d still put my overall preferences at 50/50, I’m a 3 on the Kinsey Scale.

6. My bad or negative moods can almost always be fixed by an orgasm.

7. I get myself off every morning when I first wake up, it starts the day off right.

8. Perfecting my ability to come quickly and quietly has proven extraordinarily useful.

9. But I’d still rather have the opportunity and the partner who can make me moan, scream, and shake.

10. I have a filthy mouth – when I get going, I will say things that surprise even myself.

The list goes on, after the jump:

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Welcome To My World

February 24, 2010

The first thing you should know about me is that I’m trouble.

The second thing you should know is that I’m an objectively attractive twenty-something girl who lives in a major American city that offers plenty of opportunities for getting into trouble with both men and women.

The third you should know is that I’m a writer by trade and this blog will be my outlet for my more risque pieces and stories that are just too good not to share with the world. Stay tuned.

*All names have been changed to protect the guilty.