10 New Things

May 2, 2010

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve had the opportunity to try many new things.

1. Threesomes and foursomes. Clearly I’ve snapped my streak of bad luck in this regard.

2. Playing in public in ways that satisfy both my exhibitionist and masochistic streaks.

3. New pleasurable toys. Oh, the new toys – especially the magic wand.

4. Discovering new and creative ways to wield a strap-on. In fact, I’ve been told I am better with my cock than many who come by theirs naturally. (My favorite one is silver glitter. Why yes that does indeed make it better; I heart my glitter cock).

5. New painful toys (although my favorite is still the classic leather belt – convenient, readily accessible most of the time, and oh so mean).

6. Watching my man with another woman – hot as hell, especially from the vantage point of laying underneath while he fucked her from behind (I play well with others).

7. Having the kind of marks that are borderline impossible to cover up, yet managing to get away with it anyways – despite the fact that I had them while in Miami for work (fortunately my pin-up style bathing suit covers things pretty well).

8. Gave a real lapdance, to my favorite song no less.

9. Wielded a number of new things – the paddle might be favorite at the moment, but I’ll be getting my own cane very soon.

10. It is difficult to choose a number ten, so I will go with “shall be continued…


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