10 Things I Want To Do

April 22, 2010

1. Have actual professional pictures taken of myself in various outfits and states of undress. Unsurprisingly, I’ve had some amateur fun, but there’s nothing like an expert.

2. A (temporary) corset piercing. This fascinates me.

3. Dance tango in Buenos Aires (who says that everything on my list has to be explicitly sex-related? Besides, if you’ve ever danced or watched tango you know that it can be highly sexually charged).

4. The opportunity, location, and um, equipment to act some of the many elaborate role-play scenes I’ve dreamed up.

5. A commission from my editor (I write erotica on the side in addition to my day job) that is not focused on a man and a woman in a relatively vanilla heteronormative relationship.

6. Partner with another top-type and share a lovely, lucky submissive type or two.

7. Put on a burlesque show or striptease, classic Gypsy Rose Lee style.

8. Experiment with predicament bondage – usually just being restrained doesn’t quite do it for me on its own, but add elements of endurance and pain to it and all of a sudden I’m way more than intrigued.

9. Teach one of my girls to perform (define that how you will) to mine and others’ satisfaction and have the opportunity to show off her skills.

10. I have property up in northern Michigan – a cabin on 10 acres in the middle of nowhere. It would be perfect for a fabulous weekend of adults-only fun (and no one could hear anyone scream).



  1. A lovely list! I found myself nodding in agreement at several of your points.

  2. Since so many of these things are so easily do-able, esp given Your urban location, i guess i am wondering why You have not moved to fulfill some of these activities? For instance, an earlier blog of Yours mentions the professional photoshoot idea,… why not contact a photog about doing a TFCD shoot of one of Your other ideas? Numbers 6, 7, &/or 9 would seem to lend themselves intriguing most professonal photographers who want to expand their own portfolio! If You need names, contact me!

    – Ms Devi’s grateful lil boy toy

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