On Meeting Readers

April 20, 2010

Perhaps I’m making an unfair assumption, but I tend to think that most bloggers who write primarily about sex are anonymous or close to it. On the contrary, while I don’t put my real name on this blog, I’m not particularly secretive about it – which leads to the interesting experience of knowing that people might be reading about themselves on this blog (hi “Natalie”!).

Despite the fact that I sincerely avoid self-censorship in my writing, I sometimes wonder what people I may write about (I never use real names or any kind of identifying details) might think. However, I never will let that affect what I write here or any other place – it is just something interesting to think about.



  1. Avoiding self-censorship is generally a good idea: it forces a type of introspection, or at least brutal honesty.

    Anonymity is usually hinged on the parts of your life that would be adversely affected by “alternative lifestyles”. There are only half a dozen people who know I’m in an open relationship – most of them are the men I’ve slept with. I would never tell any one from my office. I would never tell my family. I haven’t even told my closest friend!

  2. If your gonna write it and live it let the whole fucking world know. Love your blog so far.


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