Delicious Pain

April 20, 2010

I’m much more masochistic than I am submissive, says the girl with bruises on her ass and thighs that are quite…impressive. I like to think of them as souvenirs from time well and pleasurably spent (granted, my pale Irish skin ensures that I get marked up quite easily).

Recently I tried to describe what it was about receiving pain that worked for me; I got as far as giggling “in the right mindset it feels like a deep tissue massage” before I decided it was time to take it to the blog.

After the first few strokes (which I will admit are painful in the non-fun way), my mind crystallizes pain into something else sublimely delicious – something that feels like heaven. I’ll also admit that my pain tolerance and discipline might be higher than most thanks to spending most of life being an elite figure skater and then a hockey player – talk about developing the ability to take pain! (plus I’m very flexible).

When I try to put that feeling into better words I reach for my synesthesia-colored background and say it is colored shades of deep crimson ranging to dark blue, but that is not the kind of description anyone but my fellow synesthetes will understand.

I also like the way the sting of a flogger, or belt, or paddle gets me out of my own head – again, it is a cliche but there is something to be said for letting your mind go completely blank and just giving yourself up to the feeling, whether it be exquisite pleasure, sharp pain, or a wonderful mix of both.

So I’ll take it to the readers…what’s your favorite kind of luscious agony?


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