Luscious Contrasts

March 17, 2010

Black leather boots against ivory silk stockings.

Crimson satin straps slipped over creamy shoulders.

Sparkling blue eyes in a girlishly innocent face.

The roughness of rope against my smooth skin.

The feeling of anticipation versus the mix of fear and lust that results when he describes what he’s going to do to me in vivid detail.

Struggling under his cruel touch yet knowing I’ll eventually obey.

Cold ice against flushed, fevered flesh.

Bracing myself for the frozen shock but wanting it anyways.

Loving the contrast between heat and ice.


One comment

  1. It looks like I’m the first one commenting on your dive into the world of literary exhibitionism. I hope you continue – your writing reminds me a bit of the blog, realprincessdiaries, though the content is clearly different, the minds behind the blogs are similar – and I hope this one continues, whereas that one shut down.

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