50 More Things About Me

March 16, 2010

The sequel to this list:

1. My favorite is a deep rich red; in fact my bedroom is done in that luscious red and gold.

2. I went to Catholic school and I still have the uniform – and it still fits.

3. That reminds of how I’ve always wanted to do a striptease to Cherry Bomb (this idea occurred to me before the debut of The Runaways preview, but that is certainly quite interesting).

4. On that note, for someone who’s never been a stripper I’m pretty good on the pole thanks to years of dance and figure skating.

5. I have quite the shoe collection – and I think there’s really nothing better than a pair of high heels in terms of looking and feeling hot.

6. I’m happy that fetish-y pieces like latex/leather leggings and buckled, strappy boots are in mainstream fashion at the moment, since it makes finding fun pieces that much easier.

7. While the stories on my blog are true, I have a hard time writing about something until at least a few weeks after it happened. I need to turn things over and over in my head first.

8. Like many writers, I have a tendency to overthink, which is why I like doing things that get me out of my own head. Like kinky sex. And paragliding.

9. There’s something about a man’s hand on my neck that makes me instantly get wet.

10. I’d love to do a classic pin-up style photo shoot one of these days.

11. I have a tendency to bruise easily which can make covering up marks rather complicated.

12. This doesn’t stop me from engaging in a little consensual violence from time to time, however.

13. As I’ve previously posted, I tend to think many toys are overrated. That said, your typical leather belt has many uses – and you’ll definitely smile the next time you wear it.

14. I’m like Houdini in that I can get out of restraints pretty easily – its a skill that tends to frustrate my partners.

15. A good wrestling session/takedown is fantastic foreplay. I’m surprisingly strong for my size and difficult to pin (unless I decide to let you).

16. I usually get all giggly and inarticulate after I have a really good orgasm.

17. I’ve strapped it on with girls and liked it; the first time I did was also the first time I envied men – there is something about fucking someone with your (real or fake) cock that’s simply without parallel.

18. Sex and the City made me think I was possibly the only woman on earth for whom rabbit-style vibrators do nothing. Give me something glass or metal that’s curved to hit my g-spot any day.

19. Speaking of glass or metal, the contrast in temperatures that results from playing with these toys is quite fabulous.

20. Ice cubes are an underrated sex toy.

21. In my opinion, hot wax is overrated except from a visual standpoint – making pretty patterns on a gorgeous girl’s body.

22. One of favorite things to do is put my writerly talents to work and craft an elaborate role play or mindfuck sort of scene, I’m capable of being deliciously evil.

23. An ex of mine once said that I’d make a better mistress than a wife. Not a bad observation – although I’m the open relationship type.

24. I travel constantly for work and for pleasure but I have never managed to join the mile high club.

25. I think Sevilla is quite possibly the sexiest city in the world, followed closely by Berlin (at least out of the places I have been).

26. I have a Kindle and one of the things I like best about it is the ability to download quality literary smut (a.k.a. erotica) and read it anywhere without anyone else being able to see what I’m up to.

27. The majority of the time I’d rather read something sexy than watch porn.

28. However, I definitely don’t have a problem with porn and consider it a source of inspiration on occasion, as long as it is not the over-acted fake kind (you know, the kind where the “bisexual” girls have those long fake fingernails that the vast majority of women wouldn’t want anywhere near their pussies).

29. My position of choice depends on my partner and what works for us, but being fucked from behind almost always hits all the right spots.

30. I tend to be rather noisy even when I’m not talking dirty. I’m sure my neighbors do not appreciate this (or maybe they do).

31. There are very few things that fall into the realm of “safe, sane, and consensual” that I’d never consider doing in the right circumstances.

32. At one point, I had my tongue, my belly button, and my eyebrow pierced.

33. I like a man who’s not afraid to throw me around; with girls I tend to be the one doing the throw-down.

34. My hair color changes from blonde to red to brown on a regular basis.

35. Speaking of hair, having mine pulled (especially just lightly when done in public) sends my mind right to the gutter.

36. I’m a master at the art of the dirty text message or email that will distract the recipient all day.

37. I like to wear something mildly inappropriate like seamed stockings or a thick chain choker with an otherwise demure outfit.

38. My celebrity crushes are entirely random – Christina Hendricks (Joan from Mad Men), Salma Hayek, Scarlet Johanssen (okay well I clearly like my women curvy) top the list for the girls; Anthony Bourdain would probably be number one for the men.

39. Intelligence turns me on more than anything.

40. I’m kind of a nerd – I’ve built my own computer, I play video games, I own the aforementioned Kindle, etc. My laptops are my most prized possessions, and that’s not a euphemism.

41. My filthy mouth also manifests itself when I’m watching sports, I’m downright embarrassing when watching my alma mater’s football team or my hometown’s hockey or basketball teams.

42. Despite being very comfortable with my sexuality, the one thing that just irks me is couples who think I’ll automatically be into both of them because I’m bisexual. Doesn’t quite work like that.

43. However, I’d have no problem “performing” for an audience if I found the right partner(s).

44. I think I’ve always been a bit freaky, even before I knew what kinkiness or BDSM were.

45. For a while I tried to pretend I was completely straight and vanilla (blame a strict Catholic upbringing) but that didn’t last very long. The day I stopped pretending was one of the best of my life.

46. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m not shy about asking for what I want.

47. Something I would love to do is fuck on the roof of my high rise building looking out over the spectacular views of the city. Why yes, I can’t wait till it warms up.

48. Another thing I would love to do is fuck at one of my city’s two iconic baseball fields.

49. I’ve already checked the football stadium off my list.

50. Perhaps the most important thing you should know about me is that I always get what I want.



  1. re: #48 –

    I’ve got season tickets to one of the two teams (the one with the very old stadium) should you be interested…

  2. 9. There’s something about a man’s hand on my neck that makes me instantly get wet.
    — this resonated with me…

  3. Very good information to know….

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