That Kind Of Girl…Who’s Naughty At Work

March 8, 2010

There’s something about fucking someplace you shouldn’t that just turns me on.

Recently, a gentleman friend of mine met me at my office during off-hours for the sole purpose of bending me over the conference table.

Mark and I met up outside the office, and after a few quick kisses, he had me stretched out on a chair with my jeans around my ankles while expertly licking my pussy. I was gripping the arms of the chair for dear life and quickly reaching the point of no return when I decided I needed Mark’s cock in me right that minute.

Sometimes I like to get right down to business. Good thing I hadn’t worn any panties, or a bra for that matter – sometimes a girl just needs to dress with easy access in mind. My tits were falling out of my low cut top and he sucked on my nipples, sending ripples of pleasure down my spine. Bending over the sturdy conference table, I spread my legs wide to let him enter me.

There’s something about the way that Mark’s cock fits into my pussy that is just delicious, and he didn’t have to fuck me for very long before I was coming again, and he was close. He pulled out and I got on my knees so he could come in my mouth. Now, there’s something about the feeling of a man shooting down my throat that I love – the feeling of power that I get knowing I made him feel so amazing combined with the sluttiness of being on my knees with a cock in my mouth always works for me. And add that to knowing I was in my office and wow…that night is going to be part of my fantasy material for a long time.

Meetings around that table are about to get a lot more interesting.


One comment

  1. Love the workplace story – I have always wanted to try that, but have never had a private enough place to do so. But I am in Chicago so….

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