Sunday Morning Coming Down

March 5, 2010

I woke up to the feeling of Christian’s hand on my ass, rubbing the spots where he’d spanked me the night before. He had started off gently, gradually massaging harder until I was wide awake thanks to the pain in my tender, bruised flesh.

“Mmm that hurts so good”, I finally said, wanting him to stop while at the same time enjoying the memory of the wild, memorable night we’d had.

“I know how much you like that”, he said, moving on top of me so I was laying on stomach beneath him; he had both hands on my ass, gripping it firmly and sending waves of mixed pleasure and pain through my body. He slid one hand between my legs, sliding a finger between my pussy lips, feeling how wet I was already. I was obviously really enjoying this rough treatment. Keeping his hand in place, rubbing and pinching me in my most sensitive places, he started slapping my ass – lightly, but enough to sting considering how he’d worked me over the night before.

I started lift my hips up to meet his hand, wanting more…wanting him to rub my clit, put his fingers inside, or better yet start fucking me, since I could feel his hard cock against my thighs. But he was having none of that, and leaned down to the floor to grab his belt from where it had been laying since the night before.

“We’re doing this my way” he growled before wrapping the heavy leather around my wrists, securing them tightly behind my back. Then he stuffed a pillow underneath my hips so that I was locked in that classic slutty position – face down, ass up. His cruelly talented fingers returned to its position between my legs, and he sunk one deep into my pussy, reaching forward to play with my tits with the other hand.

After a few minutes of this (okay, seconds) I couldn’t take it anymore. “Goddamnit, fuck me you bastard” I said hoarsely. After spanking me a few more times for good measure, Christian finally obliged and plunged his cock all the way inside me. Keeping one hand on my hip for leverage with the other one twisted in hair, he fucked me hard and fast, caring about nothing his own pleasure, using my body like a toy.

I was so damn ready that I came for the first time nearly instantly, and again when he released his grip on my hair and reached around to pinch my clit – the feeling of being pounded into the bed combined with the sharp pain was so intense I screamed and nearly passed out, going limp as he came inside me with one final, hard stroke.

Still shaky as Christian freed my wrists and turned me over, kissing me for the first time that day.

“Good morning, mi reina.”


One comment

  1. I’ve always like morning sex. What a nice way to wake up.

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