That Kind of Girl…Who Thinks Dirty Thoughts at Work

March 2, 2010

I’ve mentioned before that when I let my mind wander, it often wanders right into the gutter. Naturally, during a long work day I tend to think about the possibilities for fun…whether it is a particularly intriguing colleague or a conference table that is the perfect height to sit a girl up on and just go to work.

At one job, I had a desk that was a massive slab of mahogany wood – the kind of desk that was meant for a corner office in a law firm (granted, mine wasn’t exactly in a corner office, but still it was quite impressive). Practically every day, I would imagine being bent over that desk, my skirt pulled up around around my waist, exposing my thong, garter belt, and stockings. And naturally I had a certain coworker in mind to do the honors…

I almost always wear stockings and a garter belt when I’m wearing a skirt – and I wear skirts or dresses practically every day. It is the kind of thing that I wear for myself; I like to feel feminine and sexy even when I know no one else is going to see them. However, the mental picture of having him lift my skirt up and see my ass perfectly framed by my lingerie always kept me going throughout a long day.

Of course, that desk would have been good for other things as well. I wanted to have him sweep everything off it (my laptop would have survived…really!) and lay me out on my back, pulling up my dress and sliding my thong off slowly, kissing his way up my thighs, licking everything but my clit until I was dripping wet and begging for release. That desk was also just about at the right level for him to fuck me like that – on my back with my ankles around his neck (one of my favorite positions in general, since I can rub my clit and we can both see all the action).

Last but most certainly not least, there was the idea of sucking him off while hidden underneath the desk certainly crossed my mind a few times (okay, all the time). There’s something that the feminist in me finds inherently filthy about that – which naturally means that it turns me on like crazy.

With dirty thoughts like these, working late doesn’t seem so bad.


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