Up Against It

February 26, 2010

After that explosive moment, Christian and I could hardly wait to get back to his apartment, which was only a short walk away. Naturally, we couldn’t wait until we were behind closed doors to get things started…

Despite the bitter cold, I was wearing only thin stockings and a slinky dress, topped off with long black leather gloves and a short fur jacket. My boots helped a bit, but what really kept me warm was the knowledge that in a few minutes, I’d be riding Christian’s cock.

He, however, had other things in mind. As we approached his building he grabbed my arm and pulled me in the opposite direction towards a rather secluded entryway (relatively so – even at 1:30 am the River North is fairly well populated). Shoving me up against the wall, one hand lifting up my skirt and the other holding me in place by the throat, he said “If you’re going to dress like a whore, I’m going to fuck you like a whore”.

Well, my thigh-high boots and lack of panties did kind of look like the classic working girl outfit. But still – it was about 10 degrees outside and anyone walking by could clearly see that Christian had his hand on my pussy.

My attempts to protest died down as he skillfully worked my clit; despite the cold and my overexposure, I was completely ready for it. All I could do was say “fuck me baby” as he unzipped his pants and spun me around so I was facing the wall. I braced myself against the rough bricks as he pushed his cock inside, slipping one hand under my coat to pinch my nipples through my dress and using the other to grip my ass, holding me firmly in place as he fucked me hard and fast.

“How do you like that, slut ? Bet you’re a tough bitch now, getting fucked like a whore out in public like this.”

I was beyond incoherent at this point; all I could do was moan helplessly as I came for the second and then the third time that night. Finally, Christian pulled out and turned me to face him once again, forcing me to my knees and shoving his cock in my mouth, twisting his hands in my hair and making me gag as he came.

As I stood up, Christian kissed my forehead and said “time for me to take my lady home to bed”.

I woke up with a handprint-shaped bruise on my ass the next morning, and smiled.

To be continued…


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