The Devil’s In The Details: 50 Things About Me

February 24, 2010

You’re not a blogger until you’ve written at least one version of this list it seems – here’s the x-rated version of mine:

1. My mind is perpetually in the gutter – I’m a girl with a one track mind.

2. On that note, one of my favorite activities when on a plane or public transportation of any kind is to assess the potential fuckability of my fellow passengers.

3. However, I rarely follow up on this – I’m more of a third date girl.

4. I’ve been with more than twice as many women as men.

5. That said, I’d still put my overall preferences at 50/50, I’m a 3 on the Kinsey Scale.

6. My bad or negative moods can almost always be fixed by an orgasm.

7. I get myself off every morning when I first wake up, it starts the day off right.

8. Perfecting my ability to come quickly and quietly has proven extraordinarily useful.

9. But I’d still rather have the opportunity and the partner who can make me moan, scream, and shake.

10. I have a filthy mouth – when I get going, I will say things that surprise even myself.

The list goes on, after the jump:

11. I consider proper lingerie to be an essential element of my wardrobe, I wear matching sets nearly every day and stockings/garter belts instead of tights.

12. High heels are also essential – and yes, I’ll leave them on.

13. I’m extremely comfortable naked, in just underwear, or in whatever other fantastical costumes I dream up.

14. I have no type whatsoever, for men or women. I also rarely have celebrity crushes.

15. I also tend towards polyamory – there’s not a jealous bone in body (except perhaps when I was fucking certain ex-boyfriends).

16. Exhibitionism is a good time. I love to be watched and to be shown off.

17. Each of the several threesome or moresomes I’ve attempted to arrange has failed spectacularly. This has not stopped me from trying.

18. I have a nice little toy collection but have yet to find anything I prefer to a partner’s or my own hands (but nothing beats glass or metal for temperature play).

19. With two tattoos and planning on more, I think well-done ink is sexy.

20. “Baby, I’m not going to break” is a line I’ve used more than once. I like some pain with my pleasure and I’m not a stranger to the BDSM world.

21. That said, I tend to prefer spontaneous roughness and restraints to ritualized scenes, but everything has its place.

22. I seem to come across as a total domme/top/insert title of your choice (it must be my penchant for all things black leather and and love of tall boots), but I’m actually more into switching it up.

21. Unsurprisingly, I have no problem with porn. In fact I enjoy it if it is well done and realistic.

22. However, I enjoy reading and writing about sex/sexual experiences even more. Being a writer is that ingrained, I suppose – there’s nothing like a well-told dirty story.

23. I have a dance background and can perform one hell of a striptease and lapdance. Yes, I practice these things from time to time, and I have a playlist ready (it includes Shirley Manson, The Velvet Underground, and Lady Gaga at the moment).

24. Actually, I have several playlists ready for various moods (slow and easy – classic R&B, Led Zeppelin, the Black Keys, aggressive – Metallica, NIN, Lords of Acid) and I’m always updating them. Music is a key part for me.

25. There are pictures and videos of me that would probably prevent me from ever running from political office if they were released to the internet at large, and I’m okay with that.

26. Speaking of politics, one of the dirtiest things I’ve ever done was fuck a Republican who voted for Bush both times. I promise I only did it once.

27. I’m a die-hard liberal if you can’t tell.

28. I’m sex-positive to the point of ridiculousness; no should be ashamed of anything they do/want to do with consenting adults. That said, I can play the good girl when its necessary, although I’m not particularly great at it.

29. Role-play, on the other hand, I’m very good at. Sometimes my ability to shift into a different persona shocks me (my tends to help).

30. I attempted to choose a favorite position for this list, but completely failed as for me it is too dependent on who I’m with and the mood.

31. On the other hand, I love to be bent over the bed/table/desk/couch. Slap my ass and pull my hair and I’m happy.

32. With other women, I’m all about the sideways 69.

33.  I highly dislike the term anal sex, but have been known to enjoy the act itself.

34. Its probably not surprising that words are important to me – I prefer “fucking” to sex and cock/pussy/cunt/dick/tits/general filthiness.

35. The craziest place I’ve had sex is probably in a German castle – one that is a UNESCO world heritage site. Or possibly on the field (at night) of one of America’s most storied football stadiums.

36. My ideal place is a bit tamer however; there’s something about high end hotels that just does it for me. Maybe it is being surrounded by all that luxury, or maybe it is my not-so-secret hooker fantasy coming out to play (yes, I’m aware that the reality of being an escort is very different from the fantasy version served to us by the media).

37. Belle de Jour made quite the impression on me. Pretty Woman, not so much.

38. I have quite the scarf collection and they often play double duty as impromptu restraints/blindfolds/gags. So convenient.

39. In fact, I almost always end up assessing the sex potential of various pieces of furniture and objects around me when I’m somewhere new (or letting my mind wander at work).

40. “Save water, shower with a friend” is something I wholeheartedly agree with. Washing someone else’s hair and having your hair washed is downright erotic.

41. I enjoy getting my partner off almost more than I enjoy my own orgasm.

42. That said, I love to tease. Hearing a women who’s right on the edge and begging to come is like nothing else.

43. Sucking cock is like an art form for me, I enjoy it in a way that is downright shameless.

44. Giving and getting road head is the ideal way to spend a long drive.

45. One of the first things I look at when I meet someone new and attractive is their hands. Good, strong hands (and a firm handshake) almost always make me think about the magic they could work on my body.

46. I always decide in the first five minutes whether I’ll fuck someone or not, given the opportunity. A “yes” may get changed to a “no” once I get to know them better, but never vice versa.

47. I have a safeword.

48. I usually end up with older/more experienced men for some reason. Women are across the board, although at one time and place I had quite the reputation at bringing the ladies over to the femme -on-femme side.

49. I’m excellent at playing the innocent who secretly wants to be corrupted – blame my Catholic upbringing.

50. I’m the kind of girl your mother warned you about.


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