30 Days of Kink: Day 30

August 7, 2014

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have come to the end:

Day 30: Whatever BDSM/kink related thing you want to write about. And I’m going to skip writing in favor of posting one of the hottest pictures I have ever seen:

Whip and Stockings


30 Days of Kink: Day 29

August 3, 2014

Day 29: Do you have a BDSM title (e.g. mistress, master, slut, pig, whore, princess, goddess, ma’am, sir)?  What is your opinion of the use of titles in general?

I don’t have a particular title, although I like playing with language and names in general. It depends on the person I am with, really.



30 Days of Kink: Day 28

August 3, 2014

Day 28: How do you dress for kink/BDSM play?  What significance does your attire have to you?

It really depends on my partner and the scene in general, but I love black leather, stockings, and high heels in general. Actually I love lingerie as a rule, and I do believe that you shouldn’t save the good stuff for a special occasion. Costumes can be fun too though.

Favorite colors are jewel tones and black (of course), and I’ve never met a pair of high strappy heels or boots I didn’t like. Leather pants, dresses, and latex leggings or catsuits are other favorites. And of course, I always like a pair of thigh high socks and tight little shorts too!

In regard to significance, it depends on the role. I do tend to pick out stuff with a harder edge when I am topping, but I can dominate in white lace too. It all depends on the dynamic.



30 Days of Kink: Day 27

August 1, 2014

Day 27: Do your non-kink interests ever find their way into your kinky activities? If so, how?

Music can definitely play a role for me – and I have very different selections depending on whether I’m topping or bottoming.

Topping = metal, dirty Detroit-style rap, electroclash, or anything with a heavy beat.

Bottoming = softer electronica, ballads, or no music at all.


When it comes to role-play and kinkiness in general, sometimes I can get into character – playing roles from some of my favorite books or movies. That shouldn’t be surprising, since I am a writer after all!




30 Days of Kink: Day 26

July 31, 2014

Day 26: What’s your opinion on online BDSM play?

It can be a great way to experiment (and some fantasies , but nothing compares to the real thing with someone that you’re really into and that you trust.


30 Days of Kink: Day 25

July 30, 2014

Day 25: How open are you about your kinks?

Pretty damn open – after all, if you aren’t open about your desires, how will you ever get what you want?


30 Days of Kink: Day 24

July 29, 2014

Day 24: What qualities do you look for in a partner?

Intelligence and creativity. While there are obviously some physical qualities that I prefer in both males and females, it really is all about the mental connection.